Tyler And Catelynn Are Fresh Out Of Sympathy For Butch [Bonus Scene]

Catelynn and Tyler never have a shortage of trials and tribulations, but they always approach life's hurdles with an unwavering level of maturity. During the most recent episode of "Teen Mom," Tyler learned that his dad breached the No Contact Order with April, which led to a physical fight between the couple that sent Butch back behind bars. Ty was understandably heartbroken over it, and a cold text message from his father saying drugs were more important than family sent him to a dark, lonely place.

In this bonus scene from the episode, Tyler is completely worn out from his father's behavior as he breaks the news to Catelynn that her mom's body is badly bruised. Cate's concerned with whether or not her younger brother, Nicholas, was present when the violence occurred, and when she asks her fiancé what he thinks Butch's future looks like, Tyler can only envision more years of prison.

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