Read The First Chapter Of Farrah Abraham's Book For Free!

Farrah Abraham's memoir, "My Teenage Dream Ended," won't hit shelves for two weeks (official release date is August 14), but "Teen Mom" and "16 and Pregnant" fans need not wait any longer to nose-dive into the first few pages of what will certainly be an emotionally exposing narrative.

Earlier today, we got our hands on Chapter 1, which picks up at the unforgettable moment in her life when Farrah first learned of her boyfriend Derek's tragic death. "I woke up from an uncomfortable sleep to the sound of my cell phone ringing," she writes in the opener. From there, the young author continues to reveal pieces from the unforgettable experience, including the exact words her friend uttered on the other end of the phone. Words that signified to Farrah that everything in her life would change forever.

Take a quick read of the first three pages now, and be sure to pick up the full book when it comes out later this month.

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Photo: Cody Smyth