'Teen Mom' Poll: Are Maci And Kyle Ready For Home Ownership?

Maci decided she wanted to own--rather than rent--property on tonight's episode of "Teen Mom," and her reasoning seemed financially sound. Building equity, even at a young age, is a great idea if you can afford to keep up with mortgage payments; however, purchasing a house with her boyfriend, Kyle, added an extra element of risk. When Maci's mom asked the couple to consider what they'd do in the event of a breakup, her headstrong daughter remained adamant that it would never happen. Ryan's parents, on the other hand, said they were fine with her choice to buy a place--custody of Bentley was their only concern.

In the end, Kyle put an offer down on a fixer-upper, but do you think the couple is ready for such a big step? Take the poll, then check out a clip from our family-themed "Teen Mom After Show," where Maci opens up about her relationship with Ryan's folks. She comments that all of her and Ryan's co-parenting quarrels have been triggered by his parents' demands, but she'll continue to maintain a civil relationship with them because it benefits Bentley. (Guess that means they'll be at the housewarming party?)

Are Maci and Kyle rushing into buying a home?

  • No way, they're both mature and ready.
  • Yes, marriage should happen first.

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