Tyler Posey Moonlights As The Kanima's Makeup Master [Photo]

Colton Haynes fears for his character's scales as Tyler Posey takes hold of the makeup brush.

Juggling the demands of high-school chemistry, extracurricular activities (e.g. playing Varsity lacrosse and roaming the woods until dawn during a full moon) and a complicated love life can be mentally and physically taxing for any teen, but Tyler Posey's life is cake compared to that of his character, Scott McCall.

A true Renaissance man, the "Teen Wolf" star has evidently added makeup artist to his ever-expanding resume (which, we recently learned, also includes the fine art of jumping-rope). Just yesterday, the show's lizard king, Colton Haynes, tweeted a photo of his buddy working hard on his reptilian transformation, and while Posey's focus in the above pic is impressive, Haynes doesn't appear completely confident in the budding MUA's technique. In fact, he looks a little green (...).

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Photo by @Coltonlhaynes