#teenwolftrivia Reveals Secrets Of Sound-Mixing And Stiles' Hairdo

Just because you've watched every "Teen Wolf" episode this season--twice--and sunk your teeth into the Kanima Krash Kourse we served up earlier today doesn't mean you're clued into every piece of MTV's chilling, supernatural puzzle. Not even you, superfans.

Luckily, though, Executive Producer Jeff Davis doesn't like to keep secrets. The man behind the Beacon Hills mythology let viewers in on some little-known facts about the show this week via a plethora of #teenwolftrivia tweets. For the most part, he updated his feed with interesting behind-the-scenes tidbits, from set ideation to safety hazards, but we also learned some valuable information about the animal kingdom. Like, did you know that werewolves and gorillas are interchangeable when it comes to sound mixing? (Wait, could this inspire a "Teen Wolf"/"Jersey Shore" crossover? We're dreaming...)

Here, five of Davis' fun facts:

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