'Teen Wolf' Poll: Was Allison Smart To Side With The Hunters?

Throughout Season 2 of "Teen Wolf," Allison's been knee-deep in the blood battle between wolves and hunters, and while her (doomed) love story with Scott always made her team allegiance unclear, tonight, she finally picked a side to stand on. After Gerard sneakily handed Allison her mother's suicide note detailing the truth about her self-destruction, the distraught teen had the motivation she needed to finally cross the combat line. In an instant, do-gooder Allison vanished and was replaced with a vengeful archery master that was ready to strike at Derek and anyone else that stood in her way. Possibly even Scott...

But there's just one thing: Allison doesn't know that her mother tried to kill her boyfriend. That's kinda important info, no?

+ Did Allison make the right decision to go after Derek and his pack, or should she have spoken with Scott about it first? Take the poll and let us know if you think she jumped the gun!

Did Alison make the right move by siding with her family?

  • Yes
  • No

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