Jenni's Fed Up With Snooki's Pregnancy Hormones [Bonus Scene]

We tip our hats at Jenni Farley--it can't be easy living with a pregnant person, let alone a pregnant Snooki. In Nicole's heyday, she required at least 12 hours of sleep, so with the added hormone fluctuations she's experiencing during her first trimester, it's remarkable she's awake at all.

Even so, Jenni's not the least bit amused with the amount of time her new roommate spends snoozing in this bonus scene from last week's "Snooki & JWOWW." When the guidette returns home with a paper bag full of baking ingredients and finds her sous chef passed out on the couch, she just "can't deal." She puts on her calmest face as she attempts to accept her friendless fate in Jersey City, but when Nicole suggests that her roomie is getting too old to have babies, the last straw is snapped. Time for a breather.

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