That's What You Said...About Allison Fraternizing With The Stalkerazzo

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When Allison agreed to hang out with Matt during the most recent episode of "Teen Wolf," we were apprehensive--and rightly so. Not only did he go all stalkerazzi on her, but he got a little grabby at Lydia's birthday party. Following the show, we asked fans whether or not Allison needed to keep her distance from Matt, or if he was just a socially awkward teen (we had no idea that he'd later reveal himself as the Kanima's master!). Here's a sample of what viewers posted on Remote Control and Facebook.

Remote Control

"I knew there was something suspicious about Matt! Because "Teen Wolf" doesn't bring a new character in and not have anything strange about them. So Allison should stay away from Matt, he's a psycho." -- vickelly21

"Yes! I think Matt knows that Allison's family wants to kill the Kanima so he's trying to get close to Allison, that way in a time of need he can turn to Allison to protect him. As for the creepy stalker pictures, well, I think that he either truly does like Allison, or he's trying to scare her so that she doesn't try and betray him." -- Emilee

"Definitely! He has been giving me the creeps from the first moment he appeared on the show, but why is he so wildly obsessed with Allison? She should stay away from him as far as possible, especially as we now know, he is the master (knew it from the moment he shouted he couldn't swim)." -- Miška


"I think they should go werewolf on Matt's ass cuz without Matt, isn't Jackson (aka the Kanima ) lost, or he does he know what to do?" -- Bryan

"I think Matt will kill Allison, I can't wait. This season finale is probably going to set up a great season 3 opener." -- Emma

"Crazy how fast Matt's character really did a complete 180 in like 2 episodes. I wanna know what he wants revenge for, I just don't see what Matt has to do with these murders." -- teenwolffan4ever

+ What do you think about Allison's relationship with Matt? Does she need to stay far away from the guy (especially now that we know he's the Kanima's master), or can she help take him down by remaining close? Let's keep the convo going!

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