The 5 Craziest Departures In 'Challenge' History

During last week's episode "Battle of the Exes," Sarah and Vinny were sent home as a result of Vinny's ungentlemanly behavior towards Mandi. There are ways to leave "The Challenge" with dignity, and then are reasons to pack everything up that have nothing to do with the competition at all. Here are the most shocking exits in "Challenge" history.

Puck on "Battle of the Sexes"

The bad boy from "Real World San Francisco" started trouble before the game even began, getting into a fight with David from "Real World: Los Angeles" and spitting in his face. David tried to get him sent home for his lewd actions, and when production came to remove him from the show, the cast rallied in support. A few episodes later, Puck married his longtime girlfriend in a ceremony that was witnessed by most of his competitors, but his happiness was short-lived when his bride was detained by authorities. Puck went ballistic as a result and trashed the house, which led to his early departure.

Steven on "Battle of the Sexes Part II"

If you're a die-hard viewer of "Real World" and "The Challenges," then you know that physical violence is always unacceptable. Steven from the original "Real World Las Vegas" crew learned that lesson the hard way when he slapped his teammate Shane during the heat of competition. Even though Shane wasn't offended, the game was halted and Steven was eliminated immediately.

Tina on "The Duel"

Beth S. from "Real World Los Angeles" might be one of the most disliked contestants in "Challenge" history. so it's not completely surprising that she found herself on the wrong end of a knuckle sandwich. Tina from "Road Rules South Pacific" punched her in the face during the first duel and was disqualified from the game shortly thereafter. Tina was actually proud of punching Beth, saying that it was worth the game's cash prize of $150,000. Yikes!

Adam and CT on "The Duel II"

Adam and CT have a lot of bad blood between them, dating back to their time as roommates on "Real World Paris" and on "The Gauntlet III," when CT poured beer all over Adam. The tension came to a head when they got into a huge brawl before the first day of competition. CT thought Adam was spreading rumors about him hooking up with other contestants. After the fight was broken up, both guys were ejected from the game.

Brad and Darrell on "The Ruins"

"The Ruins" is best known for the bloody clash between Brad and Darrell. After a long night of drinking, Brad roamed the "Challenge" house looking for a fight, and unfortunately Darrell got in the way. The two were kicked off, but were able to hug it out and make amends on the After Show.

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Photos: Rene Cervantes, Rudy Archuleta