John McClane's Business Card Comes Covered In Terrorist Blood In Dailies! has put together an impressive array of fictional business cards for fiction movie characters. You now know John McClane's phone number. That's the power of networking.

Also, Power Rangers are cool again, and visit the "Up" house in today's Dailies!

» Take a tour of a real life version of the "Up" house. [Vulture]

» More set photos from "Jack Ryan." [The Playlist]

» Movie characters needs business cards too. []

» Tim Robbin and Adrien Brody star in "Back to 1942" trailer. [Twitch]

» The Week asks if we really need three "Avatar" prequels. [The Week]

» Someone made really cool Power Rangers animations. You read that correctly. [Super Punch]

» The script for the "Entourage" movie is finished. [/Film]

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