More Smart People Acknowledge The Cultural Relevance Of 'Jersey Shore'

Since its first season, we've heard countless bloggers continually refer to "Jersey Shore" as "the greatest sociological experiment of our time," but it took two more seasons for the really smart people to catch on. Finally, more and more academics are clamoring at the chance to dissect the series for educational substance. Last month, we told you that Oklahoma University was offering an online class that studied the cast, and now it seems another institution has jumped on board.

This morning, reported that University of Chicago student David Showalter was actively trying to secure funding for a one-day conference that would explore the cultural implications of the show. According to the article, potential lecture themes would focus on the following:

  • What, exactly, is the guido?
  • Gender roles, gender performance and normativity, or "Why do the guys cook and the girls fight?"
  • The construction, localization and performance of ethnicity, or "I'm not white, I'm tan"
  • GTL as a practice of the self and way of life

Before we could even finish writing this, we spotted an article on, announcing that Showalter got his funding! So, if you're interested in taking the course (slated for Oct. 28), which is free and open to the public, you can find out more on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to let us know if you sign up!