How Did Transgendered Viewers Like Katelynn's RW Debut?

Katelynn probably doesn't want to go down as "the transgendered one" in the house, but her appearance on Real World: Brooklyn has already proven to be an eye-opening experience for some (like her somewhat-less-than-PC roomie, Ryan).

So how are people in the transgendered community reacting to Katelynn's RW debut? Our friendzies over at MTV News decided to investigate and predictably, the response was mixed.

Some, like, 29-year-old Jazmine Perez identified with Katelynn ("I felt for [her] and understood her") while others, like drag king Murray Hill, were troubled by what they saw.

"I had hope at the opening credits with the positive portrayal of Katelynn living a normal life. But the show quickly reverted back to tired stereotypes and cheap reality show formulas and setups...Once again, it’s the transgender person who is dissected, isolated, mocked, referred to as an ‘it’ and has to teach everyone else about tolerance."

+ Agree? Disagree? Want to hear more reactions? Head over to the MTV Newsroom! Plus, check out this video of Katelynn baring her soul for the RW casting directors.