Tila Tequila Refuses To Confirm/Deny Makeout Sesh With Justin Long

So here's the deal: Tila Tequila's not saying she didn't make out with Justin "The Mac Guy" Long. But she's not saying she did. So basically, she's just not saying anything. Wait a sec -- Tila not kissing-and-telling? Has the entire world gone mad??

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," the suddenly-shy Shot at Love star recently told reporters at Usmagazine.com. "And it should just stay there."

Meanwhile, TT was equally forthcoming about her on-again, off-again relationship with Yahoo! heiress (and general yahoo) Courtenay Semel.

"Everything is cool," Tila revealed. "We made a pact to not talk about our relationship anymore. It tends to cause a lot of strain in our relationship."

"Relationship, eh?" Hmm, guess this means it's possible things aren't as over between Tila and Courtenay as we (and everybody else) thought they were...

"I am planning on going to Jamaica ... with my special someone," Tila announced (Aha!) before teasingly adding "whoever that person is" (D'oh!).

And the mystery continues!

Speaking of which, when the eff did Tila become so tight-lipped about everything?? They say wonders never cease -- but we NEVER thought we'd see the day when the MySpace queen-turned-reality star-turned-sex-scribe blushed at the thought of (gasp!) discussing first base.

Just sayin'...