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Ellie Goulding Just Revealed 16 Secrets About Delirium

It was BFF inspired and Niall Horan approved!

Ellie Goulding is back with with a full fledged pop album, Delirium, that will leave you feeling all sorts of emotions.

It will help bring on the tears when you're feeling sad, it will warm your heart when you're in love and it will get you on your feet when you are in the mood to dance. The British singer teamed up with some of the top music producers -- Max Martin, Ryan Tedder, Greg Kurstin -- to bring to life 16 tracks that perfectly show off her unique vocals.

Ellie took to Twitter to connect with her fans on the day of the album's release, giving us the backstory on the tracks, her musical inspirations and her dream collaborations. Here are 16 secrets revealed about Delirium.

  1. There IS crying in the studio.
  2. 'On My Mind' is the most important track.
  3. 'Scream It Out' makes her feel proud.
  4. 'Delirium (Intro)' bridges the gap between Halcyon.
  5. This is why she wanted to work with Max Martin.
  6. BFF inspiration.
  7. Ellie's got her next collaboration in mind.
  8. 'Around U' is about those awkward early stages in a relationship.
  9. Love is free.
  10. 'Codes' has some communication issues.
  11. Feel hopeful.
  12. 'Don't Panic' about what people think of you.
  13. Niall Horan likes it!
  14. 'Army' was a bit of a vocal challenge.
  15. 'Lost And Found' is all about the journey.
  16. It's OK to not be OK on 'Scream It Out'
  17. Ellie's not doing much celebrating.