These Bouncers Cracked Down On Fake IDs By Giving Each Patron A Pop Quiz

See actor Adam Pally join in on the 'Middle Of The Night Show' fun.

NYC bouncers just may have a new way to crack down on fake IDs: Give prospective bar-hoppers a pop quiz about their birth year.

The innovative age-verification system comes courtesy of tonight's "Middle of the Night Show" -- specifically, host Brian “Murph” Murphy bringing a very sleepy Adam Pally out to a bar during the wee hours for a game called "Battle of the Bouncers."

Standing outside the establishment, Murph laid out the rules: "Half the people in this line are over 21 and half of them are below," he explained. "We'll be taking turns to decide who gets in and who doesn't. The bouncer who lasts the longest is declared 'Middle of the Night Show' champion."

To get to the truth, the two comedians asked questions that they thought might trip up the liars to reveal their true age -- examples include "What was on Nick at Night when you were growing up?" and "What's your favorite band?" Ends up, it's a lot harder to improv a lie about your cultural tastes than you might think.

Who emerged victorious -- Adam or Murph? We're not gonna spoil the fun, so check out the clip below to find out -- and be sure to tune in to the next "Middle of the Night Show," Thursday at 11/10c.