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We Matched Up The Avengers With Their Pokémon Counterparts

If the Avengers were Pokémon, they'd win every battle.

The smash hit "The Avengers" has got it all: fighting, friendship and plenty of badassery. Just like Pokémon. So, we decided to choose which Pokémon most closely resembles each Avenger. FYI, Pokémon were selected based on their abilities and strengths, not on appearance. (Because let's be real here for a sec, what Pokémon looks exactly like the Hulk?)

Oh, and we only chose Pokémon from the First Generation, because there are over 21748 700 different Pokémon now, and we don't have time to go through all of them, TBH. Besides, everyone knows First Generation is the best anyway.

  • Captain America as Cubone
    Marvel / The Pokémon Company

    Both Steve Rogers and Cubone have traumatic pasts. Rogers, because everyone he loved is now dead and he's stuck in the "future," not his 1940s-present anymore. Cubone, because his mother is dead and he visibly carries around his grief by wearing her skull. (#TooReal.) Also, Rogers uses his shield for protection from enemy attacks and the same can be said for Cubone's skull-helmet.

  • Iron Man as Mewtwo
    Marvel / The Pokémon Company

    Tony Stark is certainly a jack-of-all-trades. He's a master engineer, scientist and businessman. People know there's something about him that's extra special. Mewtwo is the same way. If we remember "Pokémon: The First Movie" correctly, it was Mewtwo who was seen "all-knowing" and called the shots. When Mewtwo (and Stark) speak, people listen. Also, they get sh-t done.

  • Thor as Zapdos
    Marvel / The Pokémon Company

    This one seems like a given. Thor can both control lightning and create powerful winds/storms, just like Zapdos. Thor is considered ancient and long-lived and Zapdos is classified as "legendary." Additionally, Zapdos is antisocial, mostly only appearing during thunderstorms. While Thor isn't antisocial, he has a hard time understanding humanity's customs and pop culture, which separates him from society.

  • The Hulk as Machamp
    Marvel / The Pokémon Company

    Technically, Machop or Machoke could also pass as the Hulk/Bruce Banner, but since Machamp is the final form (and arguably the strongest) we decided to pick him. Besides the lack of greeness and sporting two extra arms, Machamp and the Hulk are one and the same. Both are insanely strong, moving large buildings with the flick of their wrists. According to Bulbapedia, Machamp "has poor dexterity, and cannot handle delicate work without its arms becoming tangled," which can apply to the Hulk as well. Because the Hulk is so strong and powerful, the slightest touch can accidentally destroy something. There's no gracefulness with either of them.

  • Black Widow as Mew
    Marvel / The Pokémon Company

    Although Mew definitely doesn't give off any femme fatale vibes, Mew is still connected to Natasha Romanova. For example, Romanova is seen by several people (men, usually) as non-threatening or weaker, based on her appearance. Of course, she quickly surprise attacks them, thanks to her training. Mew also appears to be non-threatening, due to its size and outward demeanor. However, because Mew possesses the DNA of every single Pokémon, it can learn any kind of attack. So, when Mew does break out its moves, fellow Pokémon (and people) don't know what hit them.

  • Hawkeye as Venusaur
    Marvel / The Pokémon Company

    Clint Barton may not actually have superpowers, but he can hit enemies and objects with pinpoint accuracy, similar to Venusaur's vine whip battle move. Both smash their targets with one swoop and honestly don't take crap from anyone. Arguably, you can say both characters seem to get overlooked (Charizard and Blastoise for Venusaur, and all the Avengers for Hawkeye), but both possess an admirable and desirable fighting ability that comes in handy at the last minute.