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How Mike Tyson Helped Tupac Get Into A Nightclub Before The Fame

Mike Tyson also explains why no one can match 'Pac.

When Mike Tyson tells a story about Tupac, you better believe it’ll be riveting.

During an interview with "The Whoolywood Shuffle" yesterday, Iron Mike talked about the first time he met the iconic MC. The story lived up expectations. Here's how it went down:

The Scene: Mike was at an upscale club, sharing laughs with the folks running the place. They reminisced, drank and cried together. This is going to be important later in the story.

The Problem: Tupac apparently wasn’t being allowed in the club. Maybe it was because nobody, including Tyson, knew who he was at the time.

The Solution: Mike felt bad, so he asked the organizers to let the young MC (and his enormous 50-person entourage) in. After all, he said, they had just finished crying together. So, they obliged. About 45 minutes later, "Tupac was on the mic, rockin’ the club,” Mike said. ‘Pac was dope that way.

That wasn't the end of their bond, of course.

"The next time I see him, I’m in prison,” Mike said. “He wasn’t famous then. Then he’s famous when I get locked up so he wrote me. He appreciated me letting him in [the club]...Then he visited me and we started talking…That’s how we met each other."

Tupac and Iron Mike are often linked because of their friendship, but also because of the rapper's tragic death. He died in 1996 after being shot in Las Vegas following a Tyson fight. Mike explained his loss in the interview too.

"His energy's off the wall," he said. "Guys don't do that no more. When I see entertainers, it's just not that energy...Some guys sell hundreds of millions of records, but they don't got that stuff. He had that stuff."