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11 Ellie Goulding Songs For When You Need To Just Do The Damn Thing

For fitspo, for foodspo, for creativity.

Ellie Goulding is a boss. Not a lot of pop stars have Instagram pages that show off their intense skills outside the studio, too, but hers does. And it looks like this.

We've already rounded up the ways how Ellie's posts give us all the fitspiration we need, but what if you need something more? What if you're staring down a nasty deadline and you need to power through to get it done? What if you need a bangin' playlist for a 12-hour trip you can't fall asleep for? What if you need to just do the damn thing already?

That's where Ellie's music comes in. Right now, she's got two studio albums and a third, Delirium, dropping on Friday. We've heard a handful of tracks from it and are sufficiently pumped, which means we're looking forward to expanding this playlist when we officially can.

But for now, here are 12 Ellie songs to help you get it done -- whatever "it" may be.

  1. "Starry Eyed"

    If you need to keep a consistent pace while running or need some cool dynamic boosts to help take you to that next level, this is the jam. There's also a ton of neat little sound flourishes layered into the background to help keep you inspired.

  2. "The Writer"

    Not everything is gym-related. This tune features plenty of evocative lyrics about creating and building something new that can totally help you if you feel like you hit a roadblock. Yeah, it's meant as symbolic language, but it doesn't have to be. Grab your typewriter or sketchpad and throw your headphones on.

  3. "Animal"

    Whimsical. Majestic. Expansive. This is the one for having a cup of coffee, taking a walk and figuring it all out -- everything. The universe. Good kale recipes. The perfect thesis topic. EVERYTHING.

  4. "Anything Could Happen"

    Look at this video. Look at the immensity of nature. Look at how the rush of waves careens over the jagged rocks, unmoved for centuries. Are your problems any bigger than this? That's what I thought. Now go tackle them!

  5. "Figure 8"

    Potentially the loudest Ellie song there is, "Figure 8" is a pretty solid comeback anthem. Its lyrics suggest heartbreak and desperation -- "You promise forever and a day / And then you take it all away" -- but the music is too huge to be defeated about anything.

  6. "Explosions"

    A sweet, slow ballad, "Explosions" packs a real punch in its emotional intensity. It's proof that you don't always need gigantic beat drops to elicit big emotional responses -- just ask Ed Sheeran. It's his favorite Ellie song, after all.

  7. That beat doesn't quit, and neither does the vocal hook. If it doesn't get you pumped, "On My Mind" will at least help you remember what it's like to be newly in love, exhilarated and rushing around inside your own head.

  8. "When I’m with you, I’m standing with an army," Ellie coos on this song, as a cascade of strings surround her voice. Talk about a musical pep talk. Ellie recently said she wrote this song about her best friend in the whole world, so that should be a good indication of how high the stakes are here.

  9. "Something In The Way You Move"

    Because of tracks like this, Delirium promises to be Ellie's big pop album, and we're pretty pumped about that. Something about the way this song is arranged and written (pun intended, obvi) reminds me a lot of The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face," though this one was co-written with Greg Kurstin -- not Max Martin (who helped craft "On My Mind"). Everyone can dance and hopefully will dance to this song for months. It demands we do.

  10. This "Fifty Shades" song has had us a little steamy since January, and now it's making a comeback as Delirium's ninth track. It's got everything you want from Ellie -- her delicate voice streaming down a rush of mega-drums and a singalong chorus. Good for whenever you need it.

  11. "Lights"

    This is the one you want. It works as a pre-workout pump-up jam and as a power song to help you finish strong. Play it before basketball games and marathons. Play it after you just had the best Zumba class of your life.