Here's What It Might Be Like If You Could Order Celebrities Via App

Josh Horowitz has some difficult decisions to make in the latest After Hours.

When a new app called CelebrityOober is introduced, promising to bring a celebrity to your door on demand, results may vary, as MTV News' Josh Horowitz discovers in the latest edition of After Hours.

See, you might get a smiling Allison Williams, radiant and holding a pair of tickets to Broadway's hottest show "Hamilton." That's not even to mention the flowers and teddy bear.

Or, uh. You might get..."Last Man on Earth" star Will Forte. In all his glory. He brings a lot of personality and emotional baggage to the game, as well as a really spectacular beard.

So who will Josh choose? Allison and her glamorous evening out, or Will, who really needs a win right now?

Watch the episode below to find out.