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Good Charlotte Have Reunited! Celebrate By Remembering Their 9 Most Epic Music Vids

Benji, Joel and the crew are back in business!

Almost five years to the day since Good Charlotte released their last studio album, 2010’s Cardiology, the boys are back! Yep, early 2000s pop punk is alive and well, kids.

The band have been on hiatus since September 2011, but Alternative Press announced Tuesday (Nov. 3) that Joel and Benji Madden and the crew have officially reunited.

Even better, AP also released a 30-second teaser for what sounds like a brand new GC song.

The Madden bros have been busy working behind-the-scenes as writers and producers for bands like 5 Seconds of Summer (they co-wrote the Aussies’ current No. 1 album, Sounds Good, Feels Good), so it should be exciting to see what they’re cooking up for Good Charlotte’s big comeback.

Further details about upcoming new music have yet to be announced, but that’s OK — we just want to revel in this excitement a bit longer. So to celebrate, we’re looking back at nine of Good Charlotte’s most fun and epic music videos ever. Check it out:

  1. “Little Things” (2000)

    This was the band’s first monster, big-production video, and it’s an insanely fun one. They kick it off by hijacking a high school speaker system to dedicate a song to “everyone who’s ever been called a freak,” and then infiltrate the gymnasium for the best makeshift concert those kids never knew they needed. Bonus points for the fleeting Mandy Moore cameo.

  2. “Motivation Proclamation” (2001)

    This vid’s super simple but memorable. The guys wake up in a house and take their time getting ready for the day as they man their instruments one by one. It’s a slow build, but the moment when they finally all come together and start jamming as a full band is simply great.

  3. “Festival Song” (2001)

    It’s practically a rule that every band needs at least one music video that shows off how much fun they have on the road and how hard their fans rage for them. This is Good Charlotte’s submission for that reliably awesome video trend, and it’s comprised of footage from them touring on the 2001 HFStival. A lifetime ago, yes, but man, it still looks so fun.

  4. “Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous” (2002)

    This vid was played on heavy rotation on “TRL” and went on to nab the Viewer’s Choice Award at the 2003 MTV VMAs. And for good reason —it’s just a f—king fun video that trashes fame hounds in a way that’s relatable; we’ve all felt fed up with rich people at some point in our lives. Bonus points for the cameo by NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick as a douchey bro in court.

  5. “The Anthem” (2003)

    These guys have never taken themselves too seriously, and this day-in-the-life vid captures that perfectly. There’s a flashy, bounding hydraulics car our front, but don’t be fooled: this is the same group of dudes that still jams out at the bottom of an empty swimming pool while giving their fans a call-to-arms anthem to live by.

  6. “Girls & Boys” (2003)

    Old people can get down too, y’all. The geriatric population is in full party mode in this silly clip, which features the guys playing video games and getting massages with ladies three times their age. Those tracksuits are pretty slick, though.

  7. “The Young And The Hopeless” (2003)

    This clip’s really quite simple, but it has such a rebellious spirit that you can’t help but love. The guys perform in a trophy room, and as the song progresses and the “me against the world” sentiment keeps getting more assertive, the trophies and plaques crash onto the floor. By the end, they’re basically just breaking everything in sight, but it’s not destruction for the sake of attention; they’re making a point and you’re rooting for them.

  8. “I Just Wanna Live” (2004)

    The guys get extra silly in this vid, making fun of themselves by cosplaying as their favorite edibles in a band appropriately dubbed Food Group. You might not think a strawberry, an ear of corn, a slice of pizza and a carrot could be all that scandalous, but alas: Food Group soon find themselves at the center of a sex tape controversy and a lip-syncing fiasco. SMDH.

  9. “Last Night” (2011)

    Living the ‘90s dream much?! Color us supremely jealous that Good Charlotte managed to relive the awesomeness of Nickelodeon’s dearly missed game show “Family Double Dare.” They even got the show’s former host, Marc Summers, to reclaim his spot behind the podium and lip-sync the lyrics to this track about the morning after a foggy but fun night. This one looks like it was a blast to shoot… and they even managed to put a Space Camp shoutout at the end!