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Ellie Goulding Wants To Just ‘Keep On Dancing’ On New Delirium Song

Ellie drops new a Delirium song for us.

Ellie Goulding doesn't care what stands in her way because no matter what happens, she's just going to "Keep On Dancing."

The singer released the new track on Tuesday (Nov. 3), telling BBC Radio 1 that its "one of my favorites" off her upcoming album Delirium (Nov. 6).

The mid-tempo song shows off Ellie's distinct voice as it sours over whistle sounds and an electro-pop beat. The track was co-written and produced by OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder and has Ellie singing about not caring what other people say or do to her.

"You can hurt me/ I'll find another/ You can love me/ You'll be my lover/ Happy, in rain or thunder/ Baby I keep I keep on, I keep on, I just keep on dancing," she sings.

In addition to Tedder, Ellie, who is now performing at the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in place of Rihanna, has teamed up with some of pop music's biggest hitmakers -- Max Martin, who worked on her new single, "Army" and Greg Kurstin, who produced Adele's "Hello" -- to make something that was not only experimental, but unique.

"I know that my voice is quite, people are still unsure about my voice...people either love it or hate it, but I love that cause it keeps it interesting," she told BBC Radio. "So I wondered what would happen with the context of working with Max and Greg Kurstin, and they're still very intuitive about what I wanted to make, so it's not like they had songs and I sang on them. Tt was very much a collaborative process, and it was me and my unique take on it. I keep saying it's a pop album, it's a bit different."