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7 Pic Pairs That Prove Ryan Reynolds And Baby Seals Are A Match Made In Heaven

These things go very well together.

Usually when we hear Ryan Reynolds' disembodied voice, it's making some kind of smart-alecky remark from inside the Deadpool mask.

But just to prove that his voice is for more than making undercover poop jokes, Ryan is now putting his pipes to another, totally different use: Providing the narration for "Huntwatch," a documentary about the quest to save baby seals on Canada's ice floes from being cruelly hunted for their fur.

It's an important topic, and one that likely hits close to home for the actor, who hails from Canada himself. And if you think that baby seals and Ryan Reynolds sound like the best combination ever... well, you're right. We love both of these things, but just look at the magic that happens when you put them together.

  1. There's something that's just so right about this.
  2. Check that identical head tilt. Clearly, they're bros.
  3. Twinning.
  4. Ryan Reynolds and this baby seal make the same Thinking Face.
  5. And this guy has mastered the trademark Reynolds look of surprise.
  6. Laugh all you want, Ryan Reynolds; we know you're really a baby seal disguised as a man.
  7. Ryan Reynolds and baby seals: a memoir of paired perfection.