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Which Fan Had The Best Nicki Minaj Halloween Costume?

Lots of 'Feeling Myself' Nickis, plus a VMAs Nicki and more.

I didn't dress up for Halloween this year (wasn't feeling particularly festive -- sorry), but if I did, there's a chance I would have dressed up like Nicki Minaj.

I mean, probably not, but who knows? There are many reasons someone might dress up as Nicki for the holiday.

She's famous, and famous people are great for costumes. But beyond that, she's a style icon, with an array of outfit, hair and accessory choices to pick from when deciding on said costume. She's had plenty of memorable moments, from photos to award shows to music videos. All in all, it makes for some great options.

Lots of people made the most of the opportunity over the weekend, and Nic took notice and reposted a ton of them. They were all pretty impressive, but whose was the best? We'll let you decide.