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Beyoncé, Jay Z And Blue Just Made The Case For A 'Coming To America' Remake Starring Them

The Carter fam can.

Of course Beyoncé wore more than one Halloween costume this year. Of course she did. And while part one -- her epic Storm impression, equipped with shockingly bright contacts -- was great, her second installment was a full-on family affair.

Jay Z and Blue Ivy Carter joined Bey in a trio of "Coming to America"-inspired threads, with Mom and Dad starring as Queen Aoleon and King Jaffe Joffer and Blue Ivy starring as the somewhat debased prince suitor Imani Izzi.

What's crazy about this is that Bey's already given Imani Izzi -- if you don't remember, she's the one who was asked to bark and hop by her would-be prince -- a second life before by way of her 2015 Met Gala outfit earlier this year.

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Clearly, this fam's ready to give the '80s classic movie a modern upgrade and turn things around for the overtly mistreated character, and you know what? That would be pretty intriguing indeed.

Either that, or they're trying to tell us that Bey and Jay are straight-up royalty of the highest order (truth) and/or Blue Ivy is the most agreeable human on the entire planet and responds to requests like "What do you want for dinner tonight?" with "Whatever food you like."