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Heidi Klum Proved That Jessica Rabbit IRL Is Frightening AF

We were not prepared for this.

Heidi Klum has long held the title of Halloween costume master, so we would be anxiously awaiting her annual scare wear whether she'd ever even said one preparatory peep about what she was cooking up.

But she teased the sh-t out of her costume concoction this year, so we were extra eager for whatever craziness she'd come out wearing this time, and lo, she sure did put everyone else to shame (again).

In fact, she might just have made the most terrifying costume of the entire year.

See, Heidi went to great lengths to become a live-action version of the "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" siren Jessica Rabbit, and while the character might've earned some bugged-out eyes for being a sexy dream girl in animated form ...


... her version was outright nightmare.

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It was spot on, of course, and a complete ordeal to orchestrate, but after seeing these pics of her strutting about as the rabbit's red-headed wife, we have to wonder whether this toon can possibly maintain her sex symbol status after this because SHUDDER.

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Heidi shared the step-by-step process of her Jessica Rabbit transformation, by the way, that shows just how much she suffered for this presentation. (WORTH IT.)

  1. First, there was the job of being slathered head to toe with sticky casting goo.
  2. Then, on the big day, came the masking process.
  3. And that alone left her completely unrecognizable.
  4. Then came the shaping...
  5. And the make-up...
  6. Then she was ready for the body mold to go on and give her some extra inhuman curvature.
  7. A little wig action and voila! The girl of your WORST dreams.

The bar has been raised once more. A+ work Heidi.