8 Ways Daylight Savings Time Was The Real MVP Of Halloween

That extra hour makes all the difference.

Daylight Savings Time signals a number of different seasonal changes like the start of the cold-weather and the impending presence of darkness over daylight. But that doesn't mean it's all bad.

For one thing, the twice-yearly time change serves as a friendly reminder of the start of the holiday season(s). More importantly, it also provides that much-needed extra hour of sleep. And since this year's start of Daylight Savings Time hit right on the Sunday (Nov. 1) after Halloween, and that extra hour of partying/sleep/weekend was a much needed boost for everyone.

Check out eight ways Daylight Savings Time was the real MVP of Halloween in 2015.

  1. It gave us that extra hour of Halloween debauchery.
  2. It helped people make sure to make it on time for the next day's appointment.

  3. It provided 25 hours of good yum-time instead of just 24.
  4. It might make you feel young again.

  5. Ummm extended curfew!


  6. More time for checking off items on that to-do list.
  7. An additional hour of streaming.

  8. Ensuring that YOLO is only a state of mind.