This First Look At Naya Rivera's Baby Is Total Cuteness Overload

Cutest. Skeleton. EVER.

Naya Rivera just shared the very first photo of son Josey Hollis, born September 17, and we dare you to keep a huge grin off your face once you see her sweet, smiling, dimpled wee babe all decked out in a Halloween-themed onesie.

"Trick or treat" the former "Glee" actress captioned the adorbs Instagram shot. We vote "treat" on this one.

Rivera's husband Ryan Dorsey upgraded his wife's pic with a series of four action shots. It's almost as good as snuggling the cute lil' bundle IRL. (We choose to believe it's not creepy that we want to cuddle a stranger's child because LOOK AT HIM OMG OMG OMG.)

It only makes sense that Naya would share her son's first pic on Instagram – it's the same way she announced her pregnancy back in February. Here's to hoping Naya and Ryan make this a trend – we want to gush over baby Josey's holiday photos!