Kittens Reenact The Most Terrifying Iconic Horror Movie Scenes

Kittens are much less scary.

For some of us, the Halloween season means being forced into watching movies that terrify us. "The Shining"? NOPE. "Carrie"? Oh, I'd be full-body sobbing under a blanket if you made me watch that.

Thankfully, Mashable has swooped in and saved the day by having little baby kittens reenact scenes from some of the most terrifying films of all time and the results are only adorable and not at all terrifying because kitteeeehs.

  • "The Shining"

    Kittens are decidedly less emotionally scarring than a crazed Jack Nicholson bursting through a door with an axe.

  • "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"

    Murderous, chainsaw-wielding monsters are easier to handle when they're fuzzy baby cats and the chainsaw blade is made of cardboard.

  • "Psycho"

    Norman Bates like stabbing people in the shower. Kittens like playing with string. Kittens are better than Norman Bates.

  • "Carrie"

    Pigs' blood has been swapped out for little red ribbons and an unstable telekinetic teenager is portrayed by the cutest of cats. Muuuuuch better.

Watch all of the terrifying cuteness in full.