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Jay Z's The Dynasty Turns 15 -- Rick Ross Explains Its Importance

How Roc La Familia helped Rozay decide to share his perspective.

Jay Z’s game-changing album The Dynasty: Roc La Familia turns 15 on Oct. 31.

Yeah, I know. Where did the time go? The highly touted Hov LP was particularly influential to Rick Ross — who wasn’t a rap star yet — when it dropped.

"I remember all the dope boys who pulled up on the block had that sh-t playing,” Rozay told MTV News of the Dynasty project. "I remember the cars and looking around in my surroundings at the n----s who were playing the music.”

It was in one of those cars that Rick actually heard a perspective-shifting song from the album in “This Can’t Be Life.” The Scarface and Beanie Sigel-assisted joint hit him in the heart.

"I remember one of my homies had a cream Mazda 626 at the time when that sh-t came out and I remember 'This Can’t Be Life' came on,” Ross explained. "I remember thinking, ‘Yo, I live this sh-t. I need to give the world my perspective.’”

Fifteen years later, Rozay has done just that and he can now call Jay a homie. In fact, their relationship is strong. Back in 2013, Ross told MTV News that Hov was instrumental in him signing to Def Jam Recordings and their bond has continued with collabs like "Free Mason" and "The Devil Is A Lie."

Amazing what can happen in 15 years.