6 Ways To Nuke Photobombers From Orbit

You've taken a beautiful selfie and some slob ruins it. Here is your salvation.

We’ve all had it happen. We take a beautiful selfie and some slob ruins it by walking onto the frame just as you hit the shutter button or by giving you goofy bunny ears... And we all know, bunny ears does not a glamorous selfie make.

But these six tools are weapons of mass destruction when it comes to photobombers: You can prevent them or erase them, just like they never existed.

  1. PhotoDirector

    PhotoDirector App literally removes anything icky from a photo, including a photobomber or an ex-bf. It also has beauty enhancements, text, stickers and more to make your selfie perfect.

  2. iResizer

    iResizer is a popular tool for resizing photos to post online, but it also deletes people from photos. The software simply makes the parts of the photo you like overlap the parts of the photo you hate. Here is a tutorial.

  3. Photoshop

    We couldn’t have this list without mentioning the biggest, baddest deleter of all time.

  4. MS Paint

    You don’t really need fancy, high-dollar Photoshop to delete someone from a photo. You can use the free MS Paint software that comes with your computer. This video shows how to remove a cell tower, but the process is pretty much the same for some clown that stumbles into your photo op.

  5. Remove App by Scalado

    The Remove app removes photobombers while you’re taking the selfie. No editing needed!

  6. Easy Eraser App

    The Easy Eraser app is the perfect solution for erasing jokers from your photos quickly. You just turn the person red and, boom, they’re gone!