Carly Aquilino's Instagram

21 Of Carly Aquilino And Pete Davidson's Cutest Couple Snapshots

From singing to selfies, these MTV stars are simply the best.

Carly Aquilino is known for leaving no stone unturned when she's voicing her hysterical opinions on "Girl Code" and "Girl Code Live" -- and that same humorous and carefree approach filters into her personal life with boyfriend Pete Davidson. What else would you expect from two comedians who both made their mark on MTV?!

Fortunately, the white-haired gal is known for sharing a bevvy of photographs from her Instagram account documenting her fun-loving escapades with the "Saturday Night Live" star. In honor of Parly's enviable relationship -- we admit it, we want to go out with these two -- here's a look at 21 of their cutest snaps:

  1. Chilling with Hill(ary)
  2. Wedding photobooths are the BEST
  3. "Hot dawgs" at the MTV Video Music Awards because you have to eat
  4. Appropriately taking a break from the mini golfing activities and documenting the excursion
  5. Sign these two up for a Broadway musical ASAP
  6. "Trainwreck" premiere time -- and Carly understandably feeling very proud of her man's performance
  7. This caption: "blUrreD LinEs lol guys member that robin thick song lol it's cool when ppl make lyrics their caption hehe"
  8. Handsome people hot damn
  9. Traffic selfies -- what else can you do when you're stuck in the car for hours?
  10. Sugary sweet commenting happening on Instagram
  11. Grinning before P takes the "Saturday Night Live" stage
  12. Sounding JUST like Sam Smith
  13. The way you look at your lady
  14. Why be so serious all the time?
  15. Posing with a pretty parrot
  16. Cozying up because that's what cute couples do
  17. #Relationshipgoals
  18. "Very lucky and very happy" STAHP IT.
  19. Showing off their Pinstripe Pride
  20. Carly, Pete and Lady Liberty
  21. Someone is not enjoying T.J. Maxx (hint: It isn't Carly)

+ What's your fave Carly and Pete photograph? Sound off in the comments -- and be sure to catch Carly with Nessa and Awkwafina on the "GCL" season finale this Monday at 10:30/9:30c!