'American Horror Story: Hotel' Needs More Lily Rabe, Right Now

Her cameo as serial killer Aileen Wuornos is already the best thing about this season.

It was "Devil's Night" on "American Horror Story: Hotel" last night (Oct. 28), in all the best possible ways.

The latest dispatch from the Hotel Cortez featured the return of our favorite person ever to play the actual Devil onscreen, in the AHS universe or otherwise: the incredible, ineffable, and criminally underrated Lily Rabe.

Rabe has been barely present on "American Horror Story" for the past two seasons, but last night, she swaggered into the spotlight in the guest role of serial killer Aileen Wuornos -- and reminded us once again that she's the AHS bae we need and deserve.

Which brings us to the tragedy of it all: As far as we know, Lily Rabe has already checked out of "Hotel," having only signed on for a single episode this season. And honestly, y'all, that's just not gonna work for us, and we're writing a strongly-worded letter to hotel management right this minute demanding MOAR LILY, for these reasons.

  1. Her performances are pure awards-worthy gold.

    Don't you want an Emmy, AHS?

  2. Her dancing is impeccable.

    From twirling to... well, whatever this is, it's always a season highlight.

  3. She actually makes this mullet look decent.

    What sorcery is this. How. HOW.

  4. And the more screen time for Lily, the more "American Horror Story" preserves its tradition of letting ladies dominate its storylines.

    Because one can't help noticing that there are a lot more dudes wandering the hallways of "Hotel" than in previous AHS seasons, and frankly, something should be done about that.