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North West Hates The Paparazzi Just Like Her Dad

Kanye would be so proud.

"Like father, like daughter" -- is that how the saying goes? Think I got it wrong, but anyway, it seems like North West really has a lot in common with her pops.

While Kim Kardashian is generally tolerant of the paparazzi, Kanye West is always fighting the urge to smash one of their cameras, and North West might be in his corner.

The 2-year-old was swarmed by paps on her way to ballet class last week, and in a video captured by X17onlineVideo, she can be heard telling photogs, "I said no pictures!"

You tell 'em North.

Although her parents are two of the biggest celebrities in the world, it's unfair to stalk a toddler, especially during private moments with a caretaker.

Anyway, she clearly gets that fire from her dad.