Random New Yorkers Made Weird Noises To Help Create Flula Borg’s New Remix

It's rarely quiet in the city that never sleeps — or on 'Middle of the Night.'

When Flula Borg isn't rocking out in "Pitch Perfect 2"'s Das Sound Machine, the YouTube superstar is known for his musical creations. His latest contribution? A collab with the "Middle of the Night Show" and...the people of New York! [Insert record-scratch sound effect.]

How exactly did he manage to sample so many city-goers? During tonight's episode, Flula worked in tandem with "MOTNS" funnyman man Brian "Murph" Murphy -- and the pair dashed around the streets during the twilight hours to get pedestrians to produce some of their best wacky sound effects for him to throw into the show's weekly "Remix the Night" track.

Some of the strange utterances the duo found? "Ma ma ma banabana aaaahhh," "blip blip," some kind of dolphin sound, and in typical Gotham fashion, "F*** off!"

We gotta admit, especially for somebody awakened a few hours earlier, the German native handles the crowds like a true New Yorker.

Check out the clip of Flula and Murph dashing around grabbing sounds and revealing the final mix -- and don’t miss "Middle of the Night Show" every Thursday at 11/10c.