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From Eminem To Drake — Who Rocked Their Halloween Costume Best?

How did Eminem, Diddy and Kanye do?

Have you ever been to a Halloween party where some hater's dressed exactly like you? For some people, that can be terrifying. For others, it's an affirmation that nobody could touch your style. I imagine Diddy feels that way all the time.

You see, rappers like Puff ain't afraid to rock the same outfit as someone else because they can outdo them (easily). So, we looked at some past cases where artists rocked the same Halloween costume as someone else and we're going to see who outdid who in these costume battles.

  1. The Gladiator: Diddy Vs. A Reenacting Performer
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    Winner: Diddy -- Are you kidding me? There's zero percent chance you could beat Diddy here. Zero. FOH, reenactor guy.

  2. Hugh Hefner: Ice-T Vs. The Real Hugh Hefner
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    Winner: Hugh Hefner -- Ice-T is a legend, but you can't beat the real Hugh Hef at being Hugh Hef. The Playboy champ wins again.

  3. Batman: Kanye West Vs. Christian Bale
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    Winner: Christian Bale -- I'm really happy for Kanye because this was a cool costume, but Christian Bale might be the best Batman OF ALL TIME!

  4. Michael Jackson: Fan At A Halloween Festival Vs. Fabolous
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    Winner: Fabolous -- Sorry, random fan at a Halloween festival. Fab just told you to beat it. So kick rocks. You didn't even do the zombie thing or the jheri curl. Where's your dedication?

  5. Jabbawockee: The Game Vs. Actual Jabbawockee
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    Winner: The Game -- Who is Ray J hanging out with? There you go. Game's the winner.

  6. Kanye West: Drake Vs. The Real Kanye West
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    Winner: Kanye West -- You gotta give Drake credit for creativity here, but Kanye ain't about to lose in two categories on this list. He's about to be the president, man. Have some respect.

  7. Jason Voorhees: Eminem Vs. Actor Posing As Jason At Comic Con 2015
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    Winner: Eminem -- Yeah, Jason is scary (I guess) and his outfit here is dope (Yeezy's inspiring everybody nowadays), but I gotta ask, can he rap like "Rap God?" No. Clearly, Shady won this battle.

Now, go on to your Halloween parties in style and learn from Diddy: Don't let anyone outdo your costume.