I Always Beg Frank Ocean For The Same Thing On His Birthday -- Can He Hear Me?

I sound like a broken record.

Today, Oct. 28, is Frank Ocean's 28th birthday. That means he's a year older, and hopefully a year wiser, but there's one thing that hasn't changed while he's aged over the last two years: he still hasn't dropped a follow-up to Channel Orange.

I've been whining about that for 730 days already (that's 365 x 2). In fact, I just took a look back at the birthday wishes I sent him for the past two years, and they seem to have something in common.

In 2013, I asked for...

A Channel Orange follow-up, writing to him, "Back in April you revealed that the Beatles, Beach Boys and Stevie Wonder were providing inspiration for your sophomore album. A few months later, Pharrell explained that he’d actually gotten in the studio with you to record a track for the follow-up to Channel Orange. So, we’re just hoping to get a release date soon, maybe by the end of 2013?"

No luck.

In 2014, I told him that...

"We really miss you — and can’t seem to figure out exactly where you’ve been hiding, or when we’ll be able to hear that new music you’ve been recording."

No update.

In 2015, I'm asking one more time...

Dear Mr. Ocean, can you please give us something to work with here? You were supposed to headline FYF Fest -- and probably debut new music -- but you canceled at the last minute and made us upset again. What's happening? I need some answers, before your next birthday.

Okay, thanks. Bye. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY.