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9 Chvrches Team-Ups That Are Better Than Your Wildest Dreams

Charli XCX, St. Vincent, Passion Pit and more would make solid collaborators.

At a gig in Nashville Monday night, Chvrches brought out a special guest to help deliver the paralyzing vocals on "Bury It" -- Hayley Williams from Paramore. Williams joined Chrvches singer Lauren Mayberry and took over the second verse of the rock-infused synthpop song as the two danced around the stage.

Williams tweeted about it later that night and posed for a pic backstage.

This awesome team-up got us thinking: Chvrches are the exact kind of band that could (and should) do live collaborations on the regular. Their massive sound is entirely self-contained, and Mayberry's voice always soars high above all the sound, but when they join forces with other singers, the results are doubled -- and their sound gets even bigger.

Here are nine singers we'd love to see make it happen onstage with Chvrches.

  1. Just imagine Charli and Lauren belting out a power jam like "Break The Rules" or Chvrches' "Leave A Trace" on stage.

  2. Chvrches covered HAIM's "Falling" for BBC Radio 1 back in 2013, so it only makes sense that Alana, Danielle and Este could pop up to do a proper rendition at a concert. We can dream.

  3. It's hard to put a new spin on a Lorde song, but Chvrches did exactly that with "Team," filling in the beat's open spaces with tiny electro-doodles. Lorde could totally sing Chvrches' "Gun" and bring a new aura of mystery to it.

  4. Grimes went full pop on her new two-part single, "Flesh Without Blood/Life In The Vivid Dream," but she kept traces of the arty weirdness that helped her explode with 2012's Visions. Perfect for a quick group singalong with Chvrches -- now if only their paths could cross soon.

  5. Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos

    Mayberry's voice is pretty complementary to Michael's, so perhaps the two could team up on Passion Pit's sky-high "Lifted Up (1985)".

  6. Annie Clark and Lauren Mayberry singing together is enough to compress the force and radiance of several suns into a four-minute electro song. So, like, can we make that happen immediately? Why hasn't it already?

  7. In 2014, Chvrches said they'd love to hear Tegan & Sara take on one of their songs. If it's ever gonna happen, it should probably be "Make Them Gold," and Mayberry should definitely be there to help make it happen.

  8. Sky Ferreira + Lauren Mayberry = SKYBERRY™. "I'm Not The One" would be rad, but really any Chvrches tune that requires a lot of powerful backing vocals would work.

  9. Blood Orange aka Dev Hynes just dropped a gorgeous new song that contains its own universe of swelling vocal parts. Now imagine him doing the same on a slower Chvrches jam like "Down Side Of Me" and you've just pictured a classic in the making.