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Supermodel Geena Rocero’s Powerful New Show Beautifully Spotlights Trans Youth

'Trans youth should be able to express who they are without being judged.'

Geena Rocero is already a supermodel, TED speaker and activist. Now, she's adding another exciting title to her resume: Executive producer of "Beautiful As I Want To Be," a digital series for Logo focused on transgender youth.

The show spotlights young trans people, and pairs them with a coach or mentor "in the trans community who direct[s] them in a photo shoot in which the young person can express their ultimate expression of authentic beauty," a press release states. It was inspired, in part, by Rocero's personal journey.

Joining a trans beauty pageant while a teen in the Philippines "allowed me to be in touch about who I am," Rocero told MTV News. "Being a model in New york City, I was allowed to express myself and through that expression I was able to learn more about myself."

These experiences from Rocero's youth helped lead to the show. "When I thought of starting the show, I wanted trans youth to have that [freedom of expression]," Rocero said. "Youth in general, but specifically trans youth, should be able to express who they are without being judged -- instead they should be supported. So the idea of the shoot is that it is their own idea. Literally, we ask them, 'What does beautiful as I want to be mean to you? How do you want to communicate that in a photograph?'"

In the first episode, Zeam, a young trans man and artist, is paired with Caitlyn Jenner -- one of Rocero's besties.

"Cait is really funny," Rocero said, adding that Jenner and Zeam hit it off instantly. "The two of them just sort of gathered together and said 'we're both living in our truth.'"


Rocero that the immediate bond between Jenner and Zeam was powerful to witness. "They got together there, and [shared] their most authentic selves."

Rocero stressed the importance of reaching young trans people. "If you look at the numbers, the bullying and the suicide rates that have been happening ... there are 22 trans people of color who have been killed. The youth need to know that that's not just a reality that they need to see, they need to know that their lives will be better," she said. "They should be allowed to dream, and pursue that dream."


So what does "beautiful as I want to be" mean to Rocero herself?

"I think being allowed to express your deepest core truths and your most authentic self," she said. "Not feeling like you have to hide your honest self. I think when we're all allowed to express and be in these spaces where we're so in touch with our truth, I think we're going to live in a much more beautiful world -- a much more loving world."

You can watch the first episode of "Beautiful As I Want To Be" below:

"Beautiful As I Want To Be" premieres on Wednesday, October 27. You can check out full episodes here.