Lauren Conrad Drops Her Third Disney-Inspired Collection

For almost a year, Lauren Conrad has been collaborating with Disney for her Kohl's collection. First was a Cinderella-inspired collection that did not let down in the tulle skirt department, then came a Mickey Mouse-inspired collection filled with polka dots.

Now, Lauren has found inspiration in another Disney classic—Bambi.

LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's announced the news on its Instagram page on Tuesday (Oct. 27), with a tag from the new collection featuring a sketch of the bb deer.


The same drawing pops up in the collection, which is filled with shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, skirts, and leggings featuring Bambi and his friends. Thumper makes multiple appearances, don't worry.

Her deer-heavy group Halloween costume makes total sense now, eh??

Lauren's October collection features non-Bambi pieces as well, which you can find at Kohl's. Watch the above video for a better idea of what you'll find—oh, and be prepared for total braid envy.