These MTV Girl Squads Just Got A Ghoulish Halloween Makeover

From 'Daria' to 'Awkward,' check out our #GhoulSquads.

MTV's girl squads are used to having the guys (and girls) wrapped around their little fingers -- but this fall, they've got them on the run.

What's causing the spook-tacular commotion? Well, with Halloween 2015 right around the corner, we got to thinking... what could be a better way to celebrate the frightful season than assembling some #GHOULsquads? It is the year of the girl squad, after all.

From The Fashion Club to the Teen Moms, we've re-imagined some of the network's most memorable females to be a little more creep-tastic. Check 'em out below:

  • Imagine the awkward situations that would arise for the ladies of Palos Hills if they had to fight over DTR-ing for eternity with superpowers. Yikes!

  • We hope The Fashion Club is into clogs and bolts, because that's all Frankenstein's monsters seem to wear.

  • The horns are very cute, but we can't help but think their kids will always be tugging on their tails...

  • Sure, they're a girl squad of two...but there will be more once they get to zombifying the rest of Hester High.

  • Did they slip us some kind of magic laughing potion, or are they just that funny?

  • These alien femme fatales flew in from the planet New-Jerseytron-6 just to party with you.

  • Well, floating through walls will help these ghostly mamas keep an eye on the tiny tots.

What are you and your #GhoulSquad dressing as this Halloween? Let us know in the comments section below -- and check out all of MTV's Halloween coverage for more tricks and treats!