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Kristen Wiig's Trick For Staying Out Past Curfew Is A Piece Of Technological Brilliance

Teen Kristen Wiig was cooler than you.

Kristen Wiig is amazingly cool and creative under pressure, which most of us know thanks to having seen her in action on "Saturday Night Live" over the years.

But it turns out, this ability pre-dates her career on TV by a lot, going all the way back to her teen years when she developed a downright brilliant way to stay out past curfew without getting grounded -- thanks to the idiosyncracies of having one landline and multiple phones.

Kristen shared this story on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night (Oct. 26), and it is awesome, literally, in that her ability to both invent and pull off this strategy is seriously inspiring, if not necessarily replicable with all parents. (Personally, my mother would never have fallen for this.)