'Paper Towns' Star Nat Wolff Shares His Personal Road Trip Mixtape

Including his Troll Hole anthem.

If "Paper Towns" -- out on DVD, Blu-ray and on demand now -- didn't make you want to hop behind the wheel of a car and take a long drive, something might be wrong with you.

The adaptation of the John Green novel of the same name follows a group of friends (Nat Wolff, Justice Smith and Austin Abrams) on a mission to solve a mystery involving the girl one of them dreams of (Cara Delevingne). "Paper Towns" boasted an awesome soundtrack, but we couldn't help but wonder what would be on Wolff's personal mixtape for some of the specific beats of the movie.

Here's what he told MTV News his personal "Paper Towns" soundtrack would sound like.

  • A song for standing at the top of a very tall building.

    "I know in the movie it’s that, 'lady in red, lady in red.' Let’s see... I’m not going to throw out a random song. Maybe 'Here, There and Everywhere' by The Beatles."

  • A song for a prank marathon.

    "I would say 'Someday' by the Strokes. Because I always thought that would be... some Strokes song from their first record would be a really good montage of doing fun stuff."

  • A song for racing against time.

    "There’s this really cool version of the Neil Young song 'Harvest Moon' by Poolside."

  • A song for begging forgiveness at the prom.

    "The song that we used to play on set all the time... because this movie felt like going back in a time machine when I was in like 7th or 8th grade, so I used to play it on my iPhone for the whole cast: this song that was on the radio when I was in 8th grade all the time, 'Human' by The Killers. It was never even my favorite song, but it became the song of the movie to the point where now if it comes on the radio, there’s a group text of all the kids from 'Paper Towns' and we’ll say, 'Oh man, 'Humans' on the radio.' It’s one of those things that if it comes on while I’m in the grocery store, I’m like, ‘ugh, f--k.’ And they played it on the loud speakers when I walked into prom."

  • The ultimate road trip song.

    "'Wouldn't It Be Nice' by the Beach Boys."

  • A Troll Hole anthem.

    "'Once In a Lifetime' by the Talking Heads."