Who Said It: Elle Woods Or Hillary Clinton? [QUIZ]

What, like it's hard?

Now that we've finished bending and snapping all over the place in a "Legally Blonde 3" induced haze -- because, ICYMI, Reese Witherspoon said she thinks the time is right for Elle Woods to come back into our lives and paint the town pink again -- it's time for some real talk.

See, Elle Woods' political ambitions were on full display last time we saw her -- tearing things up Washington D.C. with Bruiser's Bill -- and although at first we might've pegged Tracy Flick as the most Oval Office-ready character in Reese's bag-o-blondes, Elle is no social issue slouch herself.

In fact, we mixed a few of her quotes in with current 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and found that the two legal eagles have a lot more in common than we expected. Sure, one went to Harvard after majoring in fashion and the other went to Yale -- tomato, tomahhhhto -- but they kinda sound alike sometimes. See if you can tell the difference, and remember ...