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17 GIFs To Help You Through Your Next #7MonthsWithoutZayn

Are you feeling the Zayn pain?

It's been seven whole months since Zayn Malik left One Direction, and we're all starting to feel the pain...the Zayn Pain.

And I know we're out here and we're all still hurting, and I know you cry whenever you hear someone hit a high note because what we had with Zayn was pure and magical and oh so real. So on this, the seven-month mark of Zayn's leaving of One Direction, us Directioners, we gotta stick together because no one else gets how we feel when we see things like this:

Or this:

Or even this:

We gotta be there for each other like no one else can to remind ourselves of the good times when every One Direction song ended with a high note and we were enchanted with what the world had to offer. So come, friends and fellow Directioners -- let us look upon these GIFs of times gone by and remember that though the future is different, it is still bright, and that there will always be a Zayn high note in our hearts and a One Direction CD in our hands.

  1. Recall, if you will, the first time you watched the "Night Changes" music video and you realized: "This is it, I'm dating Zayn now..."
  2. Think back on this moment where you came to the resolute conclusion that Zayn is, in fact, prettier than your whole life.
  3. Reminisce on the times where you became a patron of the arts.
  4. Keep forever these snow filled memories to warm your broken heart.
  5. Dance away the dark times with thoughts of Zayn in your mind.
  6. Shower yourself in recollections of happier times.
  7. Fix in your mind that moment when it all became clear that Zayn was, in fact, Aladdin.
  8. Recollect every glimpse of his impeccable profile and let that memory give your heart wings.
  9. Bask in every smug smirk that made you feel like you were in on ~the joke~.
  10. Delight in the moments of maturity and allow these memories to make you strong.
  11. Conjure up in your minds eye moments of innocence and pure beauty.
  12. Keep forever the bromance filled occurrences that made you see that friendship is truly magical.
  13. Memorize forever the profound grace that can be found in simplicity.
  14. Treasure the times you stopped to smell the flowers.
  15. Remember the times you were reminded to rest easy and dream sweet dreams.
  16. Memorialize the moments when Zayn inspired your wanderlust.
  17. But whatever you do, dear god, never forget the high notes!