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Beyoncé And Ciara Are The Best Superheroes We've Never Had -- Until Now

Ciara and Russell joined forces as Catwoman and Batman, while Beyoncé rocked the Storm look.

If you wanted proof that your dream casting scenario for superhero movies was spot on, just take a look at Beyoncé and Ciara. The two went "full superhero" in celebration of Ciara's 30th.

Ciara, who officially celebrates her birthday today (happy birthday, CiCi!) threw a superhero-themed costume party. Halloween is only a handful of days away, of course.

To celebrate her dirty 30, Ciara dressed as Catwoman while her boo Russell Wilson perfectly matched as Batman. But Beyoncé (who always kills with her costumes) pulled out all of the stops for her Storm costume. From the bleach-blonde hair to the haunting, cloud-like eyes, Beyoncé nailed her Storm look.

Only a handful of snaps from Ciara's party are currently online, so we'll just have to wait to see the rest of the killer looks.