Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Colton Haynes Proves He's A Halloween Mastermind With A Flawless Ursula Costume

The most phenomenal sea witch of all time meets the most phenomenal jaw line.

So, I'm sure you know Colton Haynes.

He's a "Teen Wolf" alum, one-time member of Team Arrow, Serena Williams comrade and current title-holder of the world's most chiseled jawline.


But we're not here to comment on his sculpted facial bone structure... yet. No, we need to talk about Colton's EPIC Halloween costume! I mean, he has already proven beyond a doubt that his costume game was impeccable when he rocked this hot Fiona getup last year.

But this year, he took it to a whole other level...

But seriously, Colton -- when's the next party, and do you mind planning my costume?