Meet The Mystery Dancer Who Choreographed Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' Music Video

Get to know Parris Goebel -- fellow New Zealander Lorde is a big fan.

While Justin Bieber's basking in the positive fan responses to his latest single, "Sorry", I've been at work looping the song's dance video again and again and again. From the vibrant and colorful styles worn by the dancers, to those fierce and crisp dance moves, this clip will make you want to bust out some killer steps (and believe that you can).

And you can thank Parris Goebel -- she's the one dressed all in black and draped in gold -- who choreographed the entire video along with ReQuest, the all-female hip-hop dance crew from Auckland, New Zealand. Parris is definitely not new to the dance scene but after the Justin video, my prediction is there'll be an even bigger appetite for this Kiwi's hip-hop style. Get to know the New Zealand dance queen with these fun facts!

  1. ReQuest is just one of seven dance crews within the "Royal Family"; they are very familiar with winning dancing championships.

  2. She's worked with J.Lo.

    She not only choreographed Jennifer Lopez's music video "Goin' In" but also choreographed Lopez's Dance Again World Tour.

  3. Lorde has love for her fellow Kiwi.

    The "Royals" singer even tweeted Parris after Bieber's music video premiered.

  4. Her choreo skills have been noticed globally

    Even K-Pop sensations like TaeYang have requested that Parris choreograph their dance videos.

  5. Parris and ReQuest destroyed Beyoncé's 711.

    I mean, DESTROYED!

  6. Her parents supported her dreams.

    At a young age, Parris' father told his daughter that she didn't have to return to school, telling her "'go and be a dancer.'"

  7. She's choreographed for Nicki Minaj
  8. And for Nicki's "Feeling Myself," featuring Queen Bey

  9. She wants to meet Oprah.

    But who doesn't?

  10. She's reportedly choreographing on Janet Jackson's latest tour.
    Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

    Now that's that's pleasure principle.

  11. She's the ambassador for Nike New Zealand
  12. She's a very proud auntie!

    I'm sure those kids will have the coolest dance lessons.