Adele’s ‘Hello’ Video Left Katy Perry In Tears And Sam Smith Screaming Like ‘A Little Girl’

Adele 'wins Friday.'

Adele's new single and video for "Hello" sparked every kind of reaction you can think of for fans hearing it for the very first time.

Some cried (like me), others screamed and some were just mesmerized by the sound of that voice, one that Adele fans have been missing for years now.

And those fans freaking out on Twitter include some names you might recognize.

Here are the 9 best reactions to the Return of Adele:

  1. Katy Perry's pillow is stained with her tears
  2. While Kate Hudson's tears fall down her cheeks
  3. "Hello" left Sam Smith screaming "a little girl"
  4. And Fifth Harmony's Ally unable to breathe.
  5. But it was well worth the wait for Kelly Clarkson.
  6. Everyone is in love
  7. Slay, Adele, slay!
  8. Nothing is better than waking up to new Adele ... nothing!
  9. Adele wins Friday.