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Fetty Wap Still Can't Walk But That Didn't Stop Him From Performing -- On A Throne

It was Young Wap's first performance since his recent motorcycle accident.

It's like they always say: If you can't walk -- sit on a throne instead.

I'm sure you've heard that one before (right?) and Fetty Wap certainly has, because that's exactly what he did during his performance at Power 105.1's Powerhouse concert on Thursday night.

As you may remember, Fetty broke his leg in three places in a frightening motorcycle accident last month, and still cannot fully walk as he continues his recovery. And though he hadn't performed since the incident, that all changed -- with a little help from that throne -- at the Barclays Center last night.

It was a perfect fix, too. This was certainly different than the way you usually see your favorite rapper perform, but the regal setting felt visually representative of the utter dominance Fetty's had over radio recently. He's been king, and he wasn't about to let anyone forget that.

Plus, as you can see, it didn't hinder his ability to perform. It probably helped, actually. Sitting's certainly less tiring than running around while rapping.

As he wrapped things up, the "679" rapper gave fans an update on his status, and the timetable on his full recovery.

"I'll be back soon," he said. "I got five more weeks and I'll be back doing what the f--k I love to do best. Because of y'all. I appreciate y'all."

We appreciate you, too, Young Wap.