Beyoncé Shut Someone Down Without Ever Breaking Her Smile

Your daily reminder that Beyonce is the boss.

Now you know why they call her Queen Bey.

Beyoncé looked like red carpet royalty at Tidal X last night (Oct. 20), wearing a dress with a slit up to there and a neckline like whoa.

But this, right here, is possibly her most queenly moment ever: Watch closely as she delivers a perfect, two-word shutdown while maintaining a camera-ready smile the entire time. (Seriously, if you blink, you'll miss it.)

You can't even hear Bey saying "Stop it," but the assistant fussing with her dress definitely did, judging by the way she steps off in a heartbeat. (Not that the assistant did anything wrong; having someone on the carpet to adjust the stars' clothes is key to avoiding awkward pics and embarrassing nip slips.)

But for a star who's also one of our fave feminist icons, it's pretty cool to see her in action like this, giving a polite but firm order and having it respected instantly. Beyoncé's not bossy, but the boss? Yep.